Vet Services for Murgon, Wondai and the South Burnett Region.
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The SB Vets team is ready for all your perfect pooch grooming needs any day of the week. Get your pet looking and feeling like new!

We provide services such as full body cat and dog clips, which also include nail trims, ear pluck and clean, and a Fido's Everyday Concentrate Itch Free Rinse hydrobath. Also using other shampoos to get your pets coat shining example your white fluffy friends will be glowing with White and Bright. DON'T forget our hydrobath discount day every Wednesday At the Murgon and Kingaroy clinics and Mondays at our Wondai clinic.


  • To keep your dog’s skin and coat in optimum condition.
  • Maintaining a healthy coat keeps your dog in he best possible condition. A clean and well groomed coat reduces the possibility of skin infection and flea infestations.
  • To save you money - we can help you take care of your pet’s health and reduce vet bills by being alert for any early signs of problems.
  • To save you time - Just drop your dogs off and pick them up later while you carry on with your day’s activities.
  • For professional results -get the look you want from our knowledgeable and skilled staff.
  • It makes your dog feel good
  • We keep your dog looking good and smelling great.
  • No mess at home -less hair to vacuum up and no more scratched or messy bathrooms.
  • Invaluable tips and advice -our professionally trained staff are always on hand to answer your questions